Welcome To Living Beyond The Mind

Welcome to Living Beyond The Mind.

By the time we are 35 years old, 95% of our life is unconscious. The average person has between 12,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day. 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive.

What does this lead to?

For most of us it is the same dreams we wish we could conquer but feel we are unworthy.

It's the desire to change but we continue to revert back to our old habits.

It's allowing the same type of relationships to play out over and over again. 

It's going over the same stories, feeling the same hatred, the same resentment, guilt and shame.

It's a hamster wheel that the majority of us do not know how to get off. 

It's exhaustion, defeat and overwhelment.

This all sounds pretty powerless, right?

Love, we did not come into these human bodies to suffer. We did not come here to allow our minds to control us or to live in the past.

We came here to experience life- to feel how truly expansive, limitless and free we are. But the only way to conquer this is in the present moment. 

It is a big reason why when we are in the personal development and spiritual world, it can be hard to see any sort of changes, if any at all.

This does not mean that we are all doomed to live the hamster wheel of life, it just means that it is crucial to our development to live a life of intention, gratitude and presence. It is these 3 key factors that allows us freedom from the limiting beliefs and unconscious programming.

The audio below goes more into some simple daily practices to begin to implement to begin to call your power back, reprogram the subconscious and live a life beyond the mind!

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Let Intuition Lead

As stated above, by the time we are 35 years old, 95% of our life is completely unconscious. We go through the same habits, the same motions and the same thoughts day in and day out. It is exactly why so many of us have such a hard time with manifesting and law of attraction because even if we are trying to have more positive thoughts and feelings, if we aren't living with more intention, presence and gratitude, not much will change for us.

I invite you to let your intuition lead.

Pick one day a week where you can have the entire day or even just a half day where you put your phone on airplane and commit to living intentionally and presently and in a way that feels so delicious.

Drop the should's and the have to's and just let your intuition lead you to the things that sets your soul on fire.

The recording below goes into this deeper.


We are so crazy abundant yet the majority of us goes about our lives hardly experiencing any of it.

We tend to think that only money is abundant yet it goes so much deeper than that.

There is abundance in literally everything. When you go outside, experience the abundance of grass, trees, flowers and oxygen.

As you go about your day express gratitude for the abundance of food, clean water, clothing, towels, pens, free time, hours of abundance to sleep, etc.

Take in everything around you that you have and make the conscious choice to live in that vibration.

Put this at the forefront of your brain so that the moment you wake up in the morning your mind instantly goes to gratitude of abundance- notice how long you can stay in this vibration and try it again the next day.

Choose to live your life in this way. The rewards are endless!

To see how I use these practices daily check out the video below!