Welcome To Be The Light

For as long as I can remember, I have had a deep pull towards God, Jesus, Mary, practically all things Divine, as well as a deep resistance to the church.

I remember laying in bed at night questioning everything I was taught at church like how can a virgin have a baby? Why weren't there female disciples? If Jesus loved us so much then why would we burn in Hell? Among countless more. But that last one- the part about burning in Hell for all eternity- now that would keep me awake at night in a fear so profound that it felt easier to turn away.

My search towards what pulled at the strings of my heart deepened as I grew older. I had such a connection with Mother Mary. Clairvoyant strangers would stop me and tell me that She was behind me. Empaths would tell me that I was so supported, held and protected. Yet I still could not get down with the church.

It was when I found Meggan Watterson (I actually did yoga next to her at a Krishna Das event and didn't even know it, I found her work after, but feel it as a sign)

Meggan is a Feminist Theologian with a Master in Theological Studies and a Master of Divinity. She is also an author and from Cleveland (my hometown)

She has dedicated her life to Mary Magdalene and uncovering the Divine Feminine in the name of the written word.

She is the author of Reveal, The Sutras of Unspeakable Joy, The Divine Feminine Oracle and the book I will be referring a lot to through this course, Mary Magdalene Revealed.

What Meggan has done for me and countless others is help us to not only see but REMEMBER that only love is the truth. Jesus only preached love. Christ Consciousness is love. The women that have been rewritten or hidden from the Bible are all love. Love has always been the message. Love is our innate power, our innate wisdom, our compass home. Or at least that was the original message before power and greed took hold.

This series is not to turn you into a Christian. I myself don't identify as Christian. But rather to return us all to a love that has always been ours. A love that will always be within and all around. This series is meant to return us to our hearts, hear the whispers of our soul and bask in the golden light of Unity Consciousness.

It's time to come home.