Welcome To Inner Child Healing

Welcome to Nurture Your Inner Child.

I am really excited to welcome you into this theme as I believe nurturing your inner child involves calling all parts of you home.

Our inner child is located within our sacral chakra and if you went through the Reclaim Your Sacred Sensuality section, you know that this space is all about our emotions.

Often times as children we have been hushed and excused for our expressions and emotions which can be very confusing for us. As we grow older, we have these subconscious beliefs around play, our emotions and our needs. We tend to go through life completely blind to the WHY in which we don't feel whole or the WHY behind our inability to fully feel and express.

This, my friends, is your opportunity to call all these parts of you home and be the person the younger you needed. This is the time when you can begin to honor your emotions, see yourself as whole and hold the sacred space for self.

As I was creating content for this theme, I received a beautiful reading from an extremely magical woman. The guide that was there was Archangel Azrael, the angel of death- This angel was here with my dad who left his human body almost 3 years ago. I was being asked to heal the relationship between us. This led to far beyond just inner child healing and into father and mother healing.

Once I began to heal the relationship between my dad and I, I was able to really begin to open up to the masculine and step more into my feminine. I opened myself up to receive!

When we close off to the masculine we close off to receiving, support and protection. When we close off to the feminine we close off to nurturing and love.

So in a nutshell, this theme is more than just healing your inner child, it is about healing all parts of you and really opening up!!

Take it slow, be gentle with yourself and reach out to me if you need any extra support.

Much love!

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