Intro To Grief Support

Welcome To The Grief Support section of the Breathe and Receive Membership. I am grateful to have you here and to be a guide for you through this journey.

Grief is an extremely strong and intense emotion and one that so many of us will turn away from and try to push down. However, grief will never let you abandon it and will continue to grow louder within you until you learn to work with it. I believe that once grief has made itself known to us that it becomes an emotion that sticks with us forever. This isn't to scare you. This is in no way a life sentence but instead a beautiful journey. Grief and joy live together simultaneously on the same plane- experiencing them both together as one- especially after you begin to understand what grief really is.

The deeper we love someone the deeper we grieve. Knowing this we can begin to see grief with gratitude knowing that we had the ability to love so deeply. True, unconditional love is not something we all get to experience. What an absolute gift.

This chapter I will lead you through different somatic and cognitive practices to help you experience and express the emotions within.

There are practices for grief for a loss as well as a loss but the person is still alive like a breakup, divorce or severing of a friendship.

Breathwork because our lungs hold emotions of grief, sorrow and hopelessness

Movement because "issues live in the tissues" as well as traumatic events can often have trouble being expressed verbally and often needs expressed physically

Reiki to begin to open up the pathways in our body to allow these emotions to be the energy in motion they've always been met to be

And cognitive practices to get the unspoken words and thoughts out that have most likely been on some sort of repeat.

For any extra support please reach out at [email protected] and be on the lookout for our monthly group coaching call.

Big love,


5 Stages Of Grief

1) Denial- disbelief. Not believing that this actually happened

2) Anger- often times blaming others

3) Bargaining and Guilt- if I just would've done this it would never have happened

4) Depression and Deep Sadness- Heavy tears. Lack of interest in anything including food

5) Acceptance

Please keep in mind that everyone flows through the grief process in their own unique way and we often go back in forth between the various stages

Everyone experiences grief differently, please place no judgement on where you are or what you are moving through.