Welcome To The Dance

The quickest way to quiet the mind is to move the body.

And that is exactly what I experienced upon my first encounter with ecstatic dance.

I signed up for a 5 Rhythms class (one of our dances this month) on Facebook and the entire time driving to the studio my heart was beating out of my chest and my mind was trying to come up with any excuse to turn the car around and return to the comfort of my home. But my soul, she was crying out for this. A deep yearning to experience a movement that she had yet to taste.

I stepped into the gorgeous open space, windows lining the walls and the golden glow of the evening sun filling the room. I found a seat and began to stretch my body following suit to what every one else was doing and then the instructor began to speak. She was this gorgeous Brazilian goddess. She stood tall in such a magnificent glow that only comes from a woman living in all her truth. Her heart was wide open, words soft, her dance was pure art.

She instructed us to begin warming up and then taught us the Rhythms.

At first, I couldn't get out of head. I felt silly and quit honestly, I had never danced like this sober. And then our instructor offered a gift in words. She said "dance for all those who cannot dance. Honor them with yours"

This invitation brought me deep into my heart. I asked my soul to come forward and to dance Her dance. Dance for the lifetimes she was muted. Dance for the lifetimes she was shunned. Dance for the moments in this current life where she was made to feel inadequate.Dance for every being who is unable to dance. Oh how she danced. For 2 hours moving the body the way that soul had craved.

The end result?

Pure freedom

A freedom, a joy, a bliss, that I bring into my daily practice, my daily life, carrying it with me always.

This is my invitation to you- to get out of your head and into your body.

It would be easy to skip this whole theme and it is definitely easy to feel silly but give this gift to yourself.

Allow your emotions to be energy in motion- let them move through you. Let it be an art, expressed.

Do it alone, do it with loved ones, with lights on off, eyes open or closed. There is no right or wrong way to do it. Just as long as you do!

Love and gratitude,


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