Bryan Langsdale

Bryan is a spiritual guide and life coach who works with those special souls seeking the transformation of their lives through consciousness expansion, self discipline (physical, mental, & spiritual practices), & the will to do The Great Work of elevating one’s personal experience of life in perpetual evolution . He teaches how to transform the “mundane” into the “sacred” through every aspect of life employing the process of life itself as the Greatest Teacher.

Over the past two decades, Bryan has practiced & studied many schools & traditions of Metaphysics, Esoterics, Nutrition, Self Help, Mysticism, Healing, Shamanism, & Magic. He has traveled extensively studying with Monks, Yogis, Shamans, Gurus, Wizards, Elders & Teachers of all sorts. He has spent long periods of time in isolation meditating in caves; atop of mountains; & deep in the jungles. In 2014, he returned home to Cleveland, Ohio to focus on blending the western teachings of personal development & self healing with the spiritual wisdom of the Ages.

Bryan knows that healing is a process, not an event. It takes time, effort, and dedication to transform one’s life with all of its habits, oddities, and deeply embedded habit patterns. Most importantly, healing & change require right attitude & right thinking. With sufficient guidance, focus, & self discipline, everyone can become their own Self Illuminated Master, accomplishing The Great Work of Self Illumination while creating the life of their dreams. He believes that we are all multidimensional beings on an infinite journey of evolution through learning from The Great Mystery of Love & Life. By healing past traumatic events (objective or subjective); through integrating and understanding the undigested “stuff” of life; by applying spiritual, mental, and physical discipline, one can can embody their “True Self” through learning to live in the Ever Present Moment of Now.

Bryan is a Guide & Life Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist, 500 hour certified yoga instructor, meditation creator & teacher, Healer, Musician, Speaker, Presenter, Ceremonial Facilitator, & Sound Wizard. He wears many hats in this life and blends them all into his personal path of evolution, expression, & life. Bryan loves to travel, sit by an open fire under the stars, & connect with amazing souls. You’ll often find him with Shamanic Drum & Didgeridoo in hand creating music & celebrating life!

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